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    主题曲"Why Do We Fight"
    World of Warcraft Music Festival
    Theme Song "Why Do We Fight"

    SCP: Secret Files - IGN 预告

    SCP: Secret Files - IGN Exclusive Launch Trailer



    Music for "Sprits in Chinese Brushes"
    Immersive Exhibition "The Brilliance of Time" Recording Session
    At The Village Studios (Studio D), Los Angeles


    Animation "The Magical Legend" Recording Session

     At The Village Studios (Studio B), Los Angeles

    《金东印象: 序曲》

    Recording Session

    At EastWest Studio 1, Hollywood.

    Flying with Me华纳兄弟65人管弦乐队录音

    Recorded at Warner Bros, Eastwood Scoring Stage


    Music for Animation "God Trouble Me" Trailer


    Scoring for Animated Film “Panda Tai Shan”