• Biography


    Tiannan Cai is an award-winning composer, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, educator, founder & music director of Movement Music. His music in multiple capacities with many different music styles, from film scoring, classical, and avant-garde to pop, jazz, and Chinese traditional music. He is also very accomplished in music technology, both hardware and software: an imperative in today's world.


    In recent years, Tiannan has devoted himself to the creation of film, television, and video game music. He has conducted and recorded his music at world-famous studios, such as Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage, The Village Studios, EastWest Studios, Capitol Studios, and Paramount Recording Studios, etc.


    Tiannan’s film, TV, and animation credits include "Pokémon: Journey of Dreams", “One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes 2”; "Amnesia", which was Produced by Jackie Chan; His score for the movie "Love is Color Blind” won Best Original Score at Los Angeles Movie Award 2022; “Mission Quandary”, which was nominated for the 39th Montreal World Film Festival; Animation "Yao-Chinese Folktales" by Shanghai Animation Film Studio, which wins Shanghai International TV Festival Magnolia Award Best Writing Animation 2023; Animation "LuoYang", which nominated Best Asian Animation at Busan International Film Festival Asia Contents Awards 2022. Animation “Soul Land (DouLuo DaLu)”, which is the most viewed Chinese animation series (over 40 billion); He has worked with Director Mike Johnson (Nominated for the 77th Oscar for Best Animated Feature) for the Chinese-American Co-producing animation “Ping-Pong Rabbit”; Tiannan also composed the opening theme for Coloroom Pictures which produces the animated film “Ne Zha” (the top-grossing Chinese animated film in 2019).


    Tiannan’s video game scores include the DreamWorks Animation game: “DreamWorks Most Wanted''; the Steam VR video game "Star Dust" nominated for the 2016 Golden Plume Award; the Steam adventure game "SCP: Secret Files"; Tencent Games “Dragon Nest 2”; NetEase Games “Justice Online''; Perfect World Games “Shadow of Nyog'', Video Game "Reverse: 1999", IGG Games "Kingdoms Mobile''. His other works include LG Electronics Commercial; the Ceremony of the 2nd Silk Road International Film Festival, etc;


    Tiannan’s scores are performed in concerts by Orchestras worldwide, such as the Pacific Symphony, Dream Orchestra in Los Angeles, Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra, and Xi’an Symphony Orchestra in China. As a music director, Tiannan produced and orchestrated the World of Warcraft Music Festival by Blizzard Entertainment, which premiered in June 2021, and toured many major cities in China.


    Tiannan graduated from the University of Southern California with Screen Scoring program. He is on the faculty of the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California, teaching orchestration in the Music Production for Visual Media Department.



    蔡天楠,作曲家,音乐制作人,美国洛杉矶Movement Music音乐总监,旧金山艺术大学电影音乐制作系教授。


    他曾多次与国内外著名电影公司合作,创作了大量优质的作品。他的作曲风格多样:从浪漫的抒情曲风到大气磅礴的史诗风格,乃至幽柔婉转的民族风格,尤其擅长大型管弦乐的配乐与编曲。他也曾多次在洛杉矶好莱坞的著名电影配乐录音公司如:华纳兄弟公司、派拉蒙录音公司、EastWest Studios、Capitol Records、The Village Studios,录制自己的配乐作品。并多次与国内外著名管弦乐队,如Pacific Symphony、洛杉矶Dream Orchestra、厦门交响乐团、西安交响乐团等合作。他的音乐作品专辑更是在全球100多个国家发行。


    蔡天楠毕业于南加州大学影视配乐系。在他的早期职业生涯期间,曾加入著名配乐作曲家 Hans Zimmer 的 Remote Control Productions 电影音乐工作室,成为旗下配器师、音乐制作人,并且参与制作好莱坞电影《神偷奶爸 3》《愤怒的小鸟大电影》, 《抢劫坚果店2》等。


    蔡天楠的主要电影、动画配乐作品有:《宝可梦:同梦之旅》配乐作曲;《十万个冷笑话2》大电影配乐;上海美术电影制片厂和哔哩哔哩联合出品《中国奇谭》配乐,获得第28届上海国际电视节白玉兰奖最佳动画剧本奖;凭借电影《Love is Color Blind》,获得2022 年洛杉矶电影奖最佳原创配乐;电影 《Mission Quandary》 配乐,入围第 39 界蒙特利尔国际电影节的World Competition 主竞赛单元;成龙监制电影《我是谁2015》配乐制作;电影《Arctic Night》作曲;与Mike Johnson(奥斯卡最佳导演提名)合作,为电影《Ping-Pong Rabbit》作曲;担任企鹅影视《斗罗大陆》音乐总监;爱奇艺出品《风起洛阳之神机少年》音乐制作(2022釜山国际电影节亚洲内容大奖最佳亚洲动画提名);腾讯视频《武庚纪》配乐;中国首部3D 仙侠动画《太乙仙魔录》配乐;光线传媒彩条屋影业《哪吒》Opening Title音乐设计等。


    蔡天楠的游戏音乐作品有:暴雪游戏《魔兽世界》音乐节音乐总监;梦工厂出品游戏《梦工厂大冒险》;网易游戏《逆水寒》;腾讯游戏《龙之谷2》;Steam 冒险游戏《SCP收容:秘密档案》;完美世界游戏《旧日传说》;深蓝互动《重返未来:1999》;IGG游戏《王者天下》;Steam VR 游戏《星尘:地球之书》配乐,获 2016 金翎奖。他的其他作品有:受邀为洛杉矶Pacific Symphony交响乐团创作管弦乐曲《The Classical Chinese》,并在美国加州Segerstrom音乐厅首演;为洛杉矶Dream Orchestra管弦乐队在派拉蒙录音公司制作专辑;第二届丝绸之路国际电影节闭幕式音乐制作,等等。